Bowel Obstruction

Bowel Obstructions
By Dr Philip McConachy BVSc

Intestinal obstruction is quite common in dogs; particularly young, larger breed dogs.
Over the years I have surgically removed various things from dogs bowels: corn cobs, peach pips, plastic bags, toys, rocks, audio tape and rope are some of the most common.

image      image

Dogs are very oral creatures just like children. They love to mouth and chew things.
People often worry about bones getting stuck. Infact whilst I have removed bones from dogs mouths and throats, I don’t recall removing one from a dogs bowel. The key is to give your pets the right sort of bones. For cats ad very small dogs I recommend chicken necks. For larger breed dogs I recommend RAW lamb brisket bones and necks.
If you have more than one dog or cat, please separate them while they are eating their bones so they don’t gulp the bones down too quickly or fight over them.
I think every dog should have a treat ball and a KONG toy. These are very safe and also great for relieving boredom.
Instead of placing a bowel of dry food down for your pet, place it in a treat ball and give it to your pooch before you go to work.
This not only reduces boredom, but also stimulates exercise and can help prevent separation anxiety.


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